The Shins

Photos by Merideth C. & review by Dave G.

After a five-year hiatus, The Shins are back on the road in support of their latest album “Port of Morrow.” During that time, leader singer and guitarist James Mercer rebuilt the band from the ground up. The new line-up is an explosion of indie rock talent and includes drummer Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse, bass guitarist Yuuki Matthews of Crystal Skulls, guitarist Jessica Dobson of Deep Sea Diver, and singer/songwriter Richard Swift on keyboards.

Any doubts about the fidelity of The Shins’ signature sound with all new members were quickly assuaged on the opening song “Caring is Creepy.” The crowd’s enthusiastic reaction proves that with Mercer in the lead, The Shins are as wonderful as ever. The band was bursting with energy all night and the new members all played incredibly well together. The quietly powerful Mercer seemed to take all of the energy on stage and focus it perfectly into a powerful and exciting set.

The Shins performing live are indie-pop bliss. The catchy melodies and spirited lyrics had the crowd dancing and singing their hearts out. It seemed they were unable to stop cheering the whole show. “Port of Morrow” has only been out for a few months, but most of the crowd sang along with the new songs as if they were old favorite. During the old favorites, like “New Slang” and “Know Your Onion!” the crowd seemed more like a background choir than and audience.

It was great to see The Shins back on stage after so many years. I sincerely hope that they don’t wait such a long time to come back to the Motor City. I couldn’t even find how long it has been since their last performance here. Obviously, it’s been too long!

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Set List

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  1. Caring is Creepy Caring Is Creepy - Oh, Inverted World
  2. Australia Australia - Wincing the Night Away
  3. Simple Song Simple Song - Port of Morrow
  4. Bait and Switch Bait and Switch - Port of Morrow
  5. Pam Berry Pam Berry - Wincing the Night Away
  6. Phantom Limb Phantom Limb - Wincing the Night Away
  7. Know Your Onion! Know Your Onion! - Oh, Inverted World
  8. The Rifle's Spiral The Rifle's Spiral - Port of Morrow
  9. Saint Simon Saint Simon - Chutes Too Narrow
  10. No Way Down No Way Down - Port of Morrow
  11. Sphagnum Esplanade Sphagnum Esplanade - Know Your Onion - EP
  12. So Say I So Says I - Chutes Too Narrow
  13. Mine's Not a High Horse Mine's Not a High Horse - Chutes Too Narrow
  14. 40 Mark Strasse 40 Mark Strasse - Port of Morrow
  15. Kissing the Lipless Kissing the Lipless - Chutes Too Narrow
  16. Girl Sailor Girl Sailor - Wincing the Night Away
  17. New Slang New Slang - Oh, Inverted World
  18. Sleeping Lessons Sleeping Lessons - Wincing the Night Away Encore:
  19. September September - Port of Morrow
  20. Port of Morrow Port of Morrow - Port of Morrow
  21. One by One All Day One By One All Day - Oh, Inverted World

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