Red Hot Chili Peppers

Photos by Merideth C. & review by Dave G.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers stormed into the Joe Louis Arena in the middle of the first leg of their US tour supporting their album "I'm With You." It was the first time in Metro Detroit since the 2006 "Stadium Arcadium" tour. It’s always a fun time when bands have hometown connections with Detroit and Michigan. Even though the band met and formed in Los Angeles, lead singer Anthony Kiedis was born in Grand Rapids and drummer Chad Smith spent most of his childhood in Bloomfield Hills.

The Joe was totally packed on Friday night and the eager crowd got their money’s worth. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are known for putting on a lively, high-spirited show. Friday night was no exception. In typical form, bass guitarist Flea was shirtless. Kiedis started the show in a blazer, but joined Flea without his shirt by the 3rd song. Both Kiedis and Flea were sporting similarly interesting pants with one leg cut off at the knee and a colorful soccer-style knee sock.

RCHP blazed through a 100-minute set that was littered with hits like “Dani California,” “Otherside,” “Under the Bridge,” “Californication,” “Suck My Kiss,” and the show closer “Give it Away.” The staggering number of hits they are able to play gives credence to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April.

If the music wasn’t enough to make this show unforgettable for the fans, Chad Smith returned to the stage after the rest of the band had exited to introduce “Nicklas ‘mother-fucking’ Lidstrom,” who retired this week after 20 years with the Detroit Red Wings. Lindstrom came on stage with his arms in the air, seeming to soak in the cheers from the crowd. In a quick thank-you speech, Lindstrom said that even after playing in front of thousands of fans at the Joe, being on stage with the Red Hot Chili Peppers “might top it all.”

If you were unable to attend, be sure to check out for the professionally recorded and mixed full concert.

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Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

For 31 years Captain Paul Watson has been at the helm of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and a leader in the fight for a clean environment and marine conservation.

The arrest of Captain Watson in Germany, we believe, is in part due to the fact that he uncovered an illegal shark finning operation in Costa Rica.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are longtime supporters of Sea Shepherd, Captain Watson, and the wonderful work they do to save our ocean and protect marine wildlife globally.

If you would like to learn more or find out how to support Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd, please go to or you can stop by the Sea Shepherd table at all of the North American concerts this year.

Set List

Download songs from this set list by clicking the iTunes icon!

  1. Monarchy of Roses Monarchy of Roses - I'm With You
  2. Around the World Around the World - Californication
  3. Dani California Dani California - Stadium Arcadium
  4. Otherside Otherside - Californication
  5. Look Around Look Around - I'm With You
  6. Emit Remmus Emit Remmus - Californication
  7. Can't Stop Can't Stop - By the Way
  8. Hard to Concentrate Hard to Concentrate - Stadium Arcadium
  9. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie - I'm With You
  10. I Like Dirt I Like Dirt - Californication
  11. Under the Bridge Under the Bridge - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  12. Higher Ground Higher Ground - Mother's Milk
  13. Californication Californication - Californication
  14. Goodbye Hooray Goodbye Hooray - I'm With You
  15. By the Way By the Way - By the Way Encore:
  16. Suck My Kiss Suck My Kiss - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  17. Ethiopia Ethiopia - I'm With You
  18. Give it Away Give It Away - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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