In This Moment

Photos and review by Merideth C.

The weather is getting colder in Detroit, but Los Angeles metal band In This Moment brought the heat to The Fillmore on Wednesday night. Detroit was one of the first stops in support of their fifth studio album “Black Widow,” which was released the week before. “Black Widow” continues the evolution of the bands sound from fairly standard metal to a more industrial sound. This was my first experience with In This Moment and I became a fan very quickly. The band only played one song from their first 3 albums, so it seems they are trying to cater to new fans and distance themselves from their old style.

Maria Brink fronts the band and has as much confidence and presence on stage as any lead singer I’ve seen. Supporting her considerable vocal ability on stage with blisteringly technical musicianship are Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel on guitar, Travis Johnson on bass, and Tom Hane on drums.

Part of the band’s new style is the theatrical performance that takes place on stage throughout the show. Brink is flanked by two masked female dancers throughout the night who change costumes with her between songs. Her outfits ranged from naughty nurse and pageant winner to spider queen and troubled student wearing a dunce hat with “whore” written down it. During one song, a woman was pulled from the audience and given a mask and a sign reading “You’ve Been Infected” before being placed in a cage to dance for the rest of the song.

This show was a both visually and auditorily stunning. The energy on stage and in the crowd was very strong. I’m really glad i got the chance to see this incredible band. This might have been the most completely entertained I’ve been at a show. I won’t miss seeing them live if they come back and neither should you!

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Set List

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  1. The Infection
  2. Sick Like Me
  3. Black Widow
  4. Adrenalize
  5. Sex Metal Barbie
  6. Burn
  7. Into the Light
  8. Metallica/Slayer/Pantera Medley
  9. Drum/Guitar Solos
  10. Big Bad Wolf
  11. Whore
  12. Closer (Nine INch Nails cover) Encore:
  13. Blood

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