The Go-Go's

Photos and review by Merideth C.

On a rain threatened Monday night in Metro Detroit, all-female power-pop phenoms the Go-Go’s brought the 80’s into the present for the audience at DTE Energy Music Theatre. The line-up today is almost exactly what it was during their hit-making peak with Belinda Carlisle on vocals, Jane Wiedlin on guitar, Charlotte Caffey on guitar and keyboard, and Gina Schock on drums. The Go-Go’s have an almost universal appeal. The catchy hook-filled songs are irresistable. They instantly make you want to dance and the band knows it and makes sure to play every one of their hits. From “Vacation” and “Our Lips are Sealed” to “Cool Jerk” and “We Got the Beat,” the Go-Go’s had the audience dancing and singing along all night. Intermixed with their hits were a few solo hits by Carlisle and Wiedlin.

The whole band is so full of energy and has a really fun time while performing. Carlisle didn’t stop dancing the entire show; shaking her hips, skipping and jumping around, swinging her hair, and slapping her thighs. The energy is contagious and they spread it freely. The crowd wasn’t huge, but the Go-Go’s played their hearts out to give them the best show possible. These women had the beat back then, and nearly 30 years later, they’ve still got it!

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