Drake vs. Lil Wayne

With special guest Yo Gotti

Photos and review by Merideth C.

In a Streetfighter styled matchup, Hip Hop superstars Lil Wayne and Drake faced off on stage at DTE Energy Music Theatre on a rainy Saturday, August 16 in Clarkston, MI. The crowd was invited to download an app before the show which allowed them to choose a side in the battle to be named “The Best Rapper in the World.” A screen that spanned the width of the stage showed Drake and Lil Wayne as Capcom-like Streetfighter characters. These things set the stage for an exciting rivalry between the two rappers over a 2 and half hour set of over 50 songs.

Lil Wayne had the most opening votes and took the stage first. Opening songs included “Blunt Blowin’” and “We Be Steady Mobbin’.” Drake followed up with his first strike including “We Made It” and “The Language.” For the rest of the set the two rappers went back and forth “battling” with around 3 songs at a time. Both sets included many fan favorite and newer songs. From Lil Wayne, we heard songs like “Lollipop,” “Bitches Love Me,” “Mr. Carter,” “No Worries,” “Pop That,” and “Drop the World.” From Drake we got “No Lie,” “The Motto,” “Versace,” “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” and “Find Your Love.”

The entire night was filled with both men throwing joke insults at each other’s music. It’s obvious they are friends and have a lot of respect for each other as they would laugh at the others insults.The two came together at the end of the show to perform some of their collaborations including “Believe Me,” “HYFR (Hell Yeah Fuckin Right),” and “Grindin,” which is Lil Wayne’s first single from the yet to be released “Tha Carter V.”

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Set List

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(The accuracy of this set list is not guaranteed)

  1. Blunt Blowin'
  2. We Be Steady Mobbin'
  3. John
  4. Draft Day
  5. We Made It
  6. The Language
  7. Mr. Carter
  8. Swag Surf
  9. Wasted
  10. Ride for My Niggas (The Sky is the Limit)
  11. Crew Love
  12. Headlines
  13. Show Me a Good Time
  14. Over
  15. Go DJ
  16. Pop Bottles
  17. Leather So Soft
  18. Drop the World
  19. Pop That
  20. All Me
  21. Fuckin' Problems
  22. Versace
  23. Find Your Love
  24. Marvin's Room
  25. Hold On, We're Going Home
  26. How To Love
  27. I'm Single
  28. Mrs. Officer
  29. Every Girl in the World
  30. Lollipop
  31. Make It Rain
  32. I'm On One
  33. No New Friends
  34. Bitches Love Me
  35. I'm Goin In
  36. Bands Will Make Her Dance
  37. No Lie
  38. Duffle Bag Boy
  39. Loyal
  40. Who Do You Love
  41. 6 Foot 7 Foot
  42. Rich As Fuck
  43. Trophies
  44. Started From The Bottom
  45. No Worries
  46. A Milli
  47. 0 to 100
  48. Worst Behavior
  49. The Motto
  50. Grindin
  51. Believe Me
  52. HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)

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