Dirty Heads

With Pepper

Photos by Merideth C. & review by Dave G.

Two of the most energetic, crowd pleasing bands I have seen played together at the Fillmore on Saturday July, 19. Dirty Heads and Pepper have a rapport with the crowd that is hard to match. Pepper was the first up after the opening acts and the floor was completely packed. I hadn’t heard them before, but the audience sure had. They have incredible stage presence get the crowd to participate rather than just being detached observers. The band played songs like “Ashes,” “Stone Love,” and “Give it Up.” The crowd was singing and grooving along the whole time. Near the end of the set, Pepper asked the crowd if they could come down and hang out and then jumped off the stage to mingle for a few minutes. They took pictures and interacted with the crowd before returning to the stage to finish off the 17 song set with “No Control.” Everyone was so happy and having such a great time; Pepper could have been enough for the night. Lucky for everyone, though, Dirty Heads was still coming up.

Dirty Heads kept the party groove going right off the bat with “Hip Hop Misfits,” followed by “Franco Eyed,” and their hit “Dance All Night.” The audience reaction was immediate. Having already been warmed up by Pepper, the infectious blend of hip-hop, reggae melodies, and alternative rock was just the thing to keep the vibe alive. The energy moving between the band and the crowd was palpable. It was impossible to figure out what songs were the crowd favorites because they were so enthusiastic about everything. One song that stood out was “Lay Me Down,” where they were joined on stage by Kaleo Wassman of Pepper.

This was a fun, happy, feel-good kind of show. Even if you aren’t into hip-hop, reggae, alternative rock, or any of the other possible genre classification for Dirty Heads, you would have had to try very hard to not have a great time.

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Set List

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  1. Hip Hop Misfits
  2. Franco Eyed
  3. Dance All Night
  4. Burials
  5. Garland
  6. Stand Tall
  7. Your Love
  8. Cabin By the Sea
  9. Spread to Thin
  10. Burn Slow
  11. Check the Level
  12. Silence
  13. Radio
  14. Believe
  15. Sloth's Revenge
  16. Lay Me Down
  17. My Sweet Summer Encore:
  18. Medusa
  19. Sound of Change

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