With Chevelle

Review by Dave G.

This is my second time seeing Chevelle. The last time they were the opening act, so it was great to see them as the headliner. The crowd was really pumped up and cheering for them to take the stage while the crew set everything up. The band came out and kicked things out with “An Island” from their latest release “La Gargola.” The melodic hard rock trio stood on large decorative rugs and had a large industrial themed backdrop covered with black cloud spewing smokestacks. The band, who originates from Chicago is made up of brothers Pete (vocals and guitar) and Sam Loeffler (drums) and their brother-in-law Dean Bernardini (Bass). Pete is a very energetic frontman. He moves around constantly and leans out to play to the crowd and touches their hands before returning to the mic.

Chevelle does a good job showing that 3 people is really all you need to make a good rock band. All three members play very cohesively and put on a very tight show. Without needing a bunch of extra band members, Chevelle manages to out-rock many bands I have seen. They are particularly great in a smaller venue like the Fillmore. They play with a lot of sincerity and energy that the crowd really seems to be able to feel. The setlist consisted of songs from several different albums like “The Red” and “Send the Pain Below” from “Wonder What’s Next,” “Vitamin R” and “The Clincher” from “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In),” and “Face to the Floor” from “Hats Off to the Bull” which closed off the show.

It was really awesome to get to see the opening band Crobot. This was my first time hearing their music, but they were really impressive. They have a hard rock sound with a groovy, sometimes southern rock feel accentuated by lead singer Brandon Yeagley’s harmonica. This is a band that is totally worth seeing live any chance you get. Yeagley has a dynamic and powerful voice, as well as headbanger’s hair that he makes great use of throughout the show. If you like good rock and roll without a lot of gimmicks, this was a fantastic show to catch.

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