With special guest: Black Stone Cherry

Photos by Merideth C. & Review by Dave G.

When several amazing musicians from various successful bands form a new band, the odds aren’t great that they will gel together well as a single group. I’ve seen bands like this in the recent past that never really seem to be able to get away from their individualism and create a solid new act. This couldn’t be less true for super group Chickenfoot. When Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Kenny Aronoff (filling in for Chad Smith) took the stage of The Fillmore on May 14, they did it as a cohesive and savagely hard-rocking unit.

While the sound is nothing revolutionary, it works perfectly on a live stage where the musicianship of these legends is placed on full display. The energy from the seasoned rockers was phenomenal. Hagar’s performance was ridiculous. He is the epitome of a rock-and-roll frontman. The man seriously knows how to engage a crowd. His interactions with Anthony, who provided background vocals along with the driving rhythm of the bass, were particularly fun to watch. Any bad blood from the Van Halen days has clearly been forgotten.

On drums, Arnoff is a fantastic fill in for Smith. He doesn’t simply play the drums, but beats them into submission! Having played with some of the greatest rock bands of all time, Arnoff knows how to dominate on stage. My absolute favorite part of the show, though, had to be guitar god, Joe Satriani. Aside from the occasional song where Hagar plays acoustic guitar, the rhythm and riffs were the sole domain of Satriani in Chickenfoot. This was no exception in Detroit. He owned the stage with face melting solos whose speed defied the senses.

To be honest, this show had everything you could want in a rock show. I can’t imagine anyone who left The Fillmore disappointed. The foot has done what many other rock super groups have failed to do. They continue to get better every year and they are guaranteed to rock any stage!

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Set List

Download songs from this set list by clicking the iTunes icon!

  1. Lighten Up Lighten Up - Chickenfoot III
  2. Alright Alright Alright Alright - Chickenfoot III
  3. Big Foot Big Foot - Chickenfoot III
  4. Sexy Little Thing (Not available on iTunes)
  5. Soap on a Rope (Not available on iTunes)
  6. Last Temptation Last Temptation - Chickenfoot III
  7. My Kinda Girl (Not available on iTunes)
  8. Down the Drain (Not available on iTunes)
  9. Something Going Wrong Something Going Wrong - Chickenfoot III
  10. Turning Left (Not available on iTunes)
  11. Future in the Past (Not available on iTunes)
  12. Different Devil Different Devil - Chickenfoot III
  13. Oh Yeah (Not available on iTunes)
  14. Rock Candy (Montrose Cover) Encore:
  15. Foxy Lady (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Cover)

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