Photos by Merideth C. & review by Dave G.

The Fillmore was at max capacity on Monday night for British indie rock band alt-J (also known simply by the symbol Δ). Though the crowd was eager for the band to take the stage, the vibe was pretty mellow. Usually people are just beginning to arrive during the opening act, but the floor was already packed as Mikky Ekko got things started.

alt-J, made up of Joe Newman on guitar and lead vocals, Gus Unger-Hamilton on keyboard and vocals, Thom Green on drums, and Cameron Knight on bass and guitar, are a group of really talented musicians. The vocal harmonies, complicated drumming, and the layered guitars make for a very atmospheric experience. The crowd sang along to most of the songs and seemed really into the whole feel of the show. alt-J played a good number of songs from both of their albums including “Breezeblocks,” “Fitzpleasure,” “Matilda,” and “Every Other Freckle.” alt-J has had a lot of success and clearly formed a solid fan base in only a couple of years together. Their sound is very unique and a fresh indie sound. They put on a great show and I expect to see them continue to grow in popularity.

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Set List

Download songs from this set list by clicking the iTunes icon!

  1. Hunger of the Pine
  2. Fitzpleasure
  3. Something Good
  4. Left Hand Free
  5. Dissolve Me
  6. Matilda
  7. Bloodflood
  8. Bloodflood, Pt. II
  9. Interlude 1
  10. Tessellate
  11. Every Other Freckle
  12. Taro
  13. Warm Foothills
  14. The Gospel of John Hurt Encore:
  15. Lovely Day
  16. Nara
  17. Leaving Nara
  18. Breezeblocks

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