The Airborne Toxic Event

With special guest: Minus the Bear

Photos by Merideth C. & Review by Dave G.

This was my first experience with The Airborne Toxic Event (TATE) and it was a great show. The amount of energy that TATE has onstage makes the show really exciting. You can tell the band is having a lot of fun. They seem genuinely fond of each other; it seems like they can barely keep away from each other. The crowd seemed to be soaking up the energy from the stage, singing and dancing along. One of the best moments was when violinist Anna Bulbrook left the stage to crowd surf.

TATE is a really cool band that sounds great live. If you want to have a fun time dancing and singing at a show, check them out next time you see them in town. If you’re lucky, it will be with another great opener like Minus the Bear. It seemed like a pretty large mount of the crowd was there to see Minus the Bear more than TATE. They also put on a really great show. No matter which band you were there to see, you likely left a fan of the other. A combination like that is guaranteed to be a great time.

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